Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Books I've read recently - #5

I can't believe its been such a long time I've posted something here. Here's a hopefully not-so-useless post to break the jinx

Adiyogi: The Source of Yoga
It was a given that I was going to read this eventually. Roughly 40% of the content, I had heard from Sadhguru earlier. But the content is recontextualized into a coherent structure, while still being freewheeling. One of Sadhguru's fears was that left to societal whims, Madonna would become the origin of Yoga. If nothing else, there is a certain necessity to establish unequivocally that Adiyogi is the source of Yoga. There is a certain segment that finds voice through Arundhati. While being a tad verbose at times, there is no question the woman can write. Damn!

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing
You know there is something about the book when one of the testimonials read "I read your book and it became clear I needed a divorce". What was odder was that I intuitively felt the book would live up to the testimonial. Meeting, certain subliminal dots would be connected to reveal why it is so. There is a certain grace and beauty to Japanese culture which views everything with a sense of gratitude even when things get discarded. They are thanked and sent away with gratitude. I have hardly implemented anything from this book, but I know I will. Waiting for my wife to come on board so things can be done together.

Tor and The Dark Net: Remain Anonymous Online and Evade NSA Spying (Tor, Dark Net, Anonymous Online, NSA Spying) 
You might find this book a bit too technical for your liking, but read it anyway. It is important. When the whole NSA fiasco broke out, one argument put forth by proponents of NSA (or similar Government programs) work  was "If you've got nothing to hide, why fear?"
I would like to turn this argument on its head and ask "If I am doing nothing illegal, its none of your business what I do". We can debate endlessly, but I believe I am allowed to take a personal stand on this. Just because information flows through a common medium (called the Internet), it isn't necessary to allow spying just because it can be done. As more and more people become aware of how to use these technologies, it might just be possible to make information flowing through the digital pipes opaque rather than transparent.
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