Tuesday, January 12, 2016


First, if you're going to take the moral high ground on this subject, you need to be vegan. Not being vegan makes you a hypocrite and makes me want to say STFU.

I need to say I was ambivalent about this - not just now, all these years. It didn't matter to me they were conducted nor did it matter to me when they banned it.

But now I have this gripe about activists:
The analogy comes from cowspiracy. They love to ask me to change a light bulb when the country is burning next door. What is the exact nature of your gripe on something that is conducted once a year - be it bursting crackers on diwali or this sport? There are reports about the animals being abused and inebriated. Knowing this culture's respect for cows I would suspect (admittedly not knowing the facts, whatever the facts may be) these reports to be exceptions and not the general practice. The exceptions can be handled as they are without clean cutting at the root.

In general
  • I sense a sadistic undertone and a vicarious pleasure that the activists derive by this holier than thou attitude and depriving people of genuine joy and festive atmosphere
  • If you're serious about your cause, please focus on real problems. There are plenty. If you're stuck, you may start with the slaughterhouses.

Personally for me, and I don't expect you to understand this in any form or manner:

  • I know I am  not more intelligent than Him
  • I definitely know I am not more compassionate than Him
  • I am 100% willing to change my attitude about something if he looks at something differently that I originally was
If your heart is in the right place and you're genuinely bleeding for the bulls, I say don't bother and leave these people alone with their once-a-year festival. And I am definitely done with you PETA.

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