Thursday, August 13, 2015

Books I have read recently - #4

On Writing - Stephen King:
Its not everyday that a writer opens up his toolbox, picks every tool and shows you how to use them. Its not like I am going to be a writer after reading this. But this inside scoop is as inside as it gets. And baring all, not “IPR”ing out shows Stephen King’s confidence. I found the entire manifesto fascinating. I am grateful for the crash course!

Dead Zone - Stephen King:
I read this book closely following the above book. As a result it was the experience of riding two horses at once. One horse was the examination of each tool from the tool box and how it was utilized in the making of the book. The other horse was what took me on the ride and allowed me to experience the terrain for what it was. It was strenuous at first but the experience settled. I found the story interesting but it was boring in patches. The significance for me has been reading it in the context of the earlier book. Writing is hard work and I was able to appreciate and infer the back work that goes into making the final draft.

Tripwire - Lee Child:
My third Jack Reacher novel. This one reads almost like life has caught up with Jack Reacher. We see him faltering and rusty with his instincts. It takes his lover to put him on track many times. The novel grips you and doesn’t let go till you finish it. Lee Child has a way with words. Very complicated situations get said in easy sentences. Like a snake crawling through tricky spots owing to its nimbleness. I wish they make more Reacher movies. Tom Cruise sort of screwed it up by starring himself in the first one. The problem was not his acting. Despite being over a foot short than the book character, he was able to portray the gruff and touch drifter with considerable authenticity. The problem is that owing to his star status, he can do only so many movies in a year and it doesn’t look like this character is a priority. The Reacher novels have a big advantage in that the original author is still reeling them out unlike say the Bourne series. We already have over 15 of these. Hollywood needs to do a reboot of the Reacher series and make a solid person star here.

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