Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Imitation Game

Who said that suspense films need a murder or corresponding eeriness to go with them?

Those thirty seconds where the turing machine ticks in that pivotal scene and the matching background music. There was a third layer to that - my heartbeat.

And Mr. Cumberbatch - is he the some actor who did the majestic Sherlock? Excellent! His utter lack of comprehension for humor and sarcasm reminded me of Sheldon Cooper. Only it wasn’t funny here.

The last ten minutes were heartbreaking. It was more irksome when I got to know about the “royal pardon” he received in 2013. How presumptuous! It must have been a “royal apology”. Get it right at least now. Way to pay back your heroes Britain!

More importantly, we need to realize that at each point in time and as a consequence history, our actions are governed by our levels of evolution then. We can see several examples. Slavery in the 19th century, The two world wars in the early 20th century, utter (legally endorsed) racism as late as 1960-70. What happened to Alan Turing is another example.

We would do well to learn from our examples from the past. I suggest we think about fifty years ahead, infer our evolutionary scale then, and put those changes in place now.

May I suggest the following?

* Apologize for climate change denial and look for renewable sources on war footing
* Acknowledge that population explosion is a problem, fix the revised target as 1B and get there in 50 years
* Assure people that no more forests will be cut and that paper will be made from hemp instead
* Make organic the defacto instead of the premium alternative
* Stop torturing animals to get your meat

Once you’re done, I will guide you with next steps!

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