Sunday, June 14, 2015

an attempt at leaving diary

I am no stranger to videos of animal cruelty. I also have no qualms admitting we as a race are messed up. If there is hell, we are collectively going there. What was protecting me was that I am vegetarian. It gave a certain cushion to the emotional blows about animal treatment.

However, I grew up on diary. Diary was very much a part of my lifestyle. Milk for tea and coffee, curd, butter milk, ghee, milk sweets - you name it. I won’t read much into the unsuitability of milk for the human body. If anything, my body probably mutated over the years to accommodate milk. But times HAVE changed. Thirty years ago, the milk came freshly milked from nearby cows.

Now cows are artificially impregnated. Hormone injected. Their calves separated and sent for veal production. Milking done with mechanical milkers. But then I knew all this as well. There was one photograph which really got to me. It was the sight of a cow whose udders where six-seven times the normal size. It was made that way by injecting hormones that do that to the cows. We are one depraved, messed up, beeping species. It feels very difficult to knowingly be part of this cycle. Finally - organic milk. The theory is good. But as a general thumb rule, do not trust corporates. Assume they would lie through their teeth unless proven otherwise.

So staying clear of the vegan label, because I feel there is a certain prudishness associated with being vegan, I am making an effort to avoid diary. Its not to say I won’t enjoy an occasional pizza or ice cream, but regular consumption will be avoided.

The real pinch comes with caffeine - because milk is an excellent base for holding tea or coffee. I tried black tea over the past few days. I expected to tolerate it, but surprisingly, it is far more refreshing than I expected it. It turns out that the quantity of tea required is lower with water than with milk, yet the tea tastes far more intense.

Another surprising aspect was that I feel a lot more gratitude towards cows after I skipped milk for the last few days than when I was consuming milk.

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Anupama said...

Deeeeepakkk! Why is it DIARY instead of DAIRY? Did you do that on purpose?
And.... oh finally! :) :) :)

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