Friday, May 08, 2015

fruits and memories

It should be the sweetness of Alphonso that made my mood sweet as well. Otherwise bitter and quarrelsome with my brother, the season of Alphonso made me mellow. Looking carefully for the sweetest portion of the fruit, I would carefully cut off that portion to the extent my dexterity allowed and hand over the dripping fruit to him with a smile. Used to my bickering, the perplexity on his face as he devoured it eyeing me was a sight to behold!
Post note: The above scene never really happened. I ventured an attempt to write the bit for Aamras (paper boat drinks). I like the way they theme their product.
Post note 2: I was always petty and cruel to my brother! But the good thing was he didn't like fruits in general. So the Alphonso was entirely mine smile emoticon
Post note 3: Got served a mango for dinner today. Fruits and memories! Mangoes are proof we exist in heaven. (Apart from jack fruits and bananas)

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