Friday, January 09, 2015


I am trying to articulate exactly, the uneasiness with this movie. Let's take it from the top:

Is making a movie like this covered under freedom of speech? Check!
Does this movie articulate the truth - in general at least if not exactly? Check!

So what is the problem?

* First is the "conflict of interest" part of the lead. This should have been anticipated up front, but they went ahead an did it anyway. There is a reason why people in deliberation positions are not allowed to have a stake in the exact item on which they are deliberating. It applies here as well. By not addressing this honestly, they have expected unanimous trust towards Aamir. It did not happen, and they've weakened it further for future.

* Second is "intellectual integrity". I find that lacking here. Because one religion is picked for example. If all religions (Christianity for the aggressive conversions, Islam for the extreme extremism) had been picked up equally for dissection, it would have been of a different league all together. But it needs guts. They bailed and took the easy way out.

So do not hide behind "freedom of speech". You have all the freedom. But this movie is not honest! Sadly, it would have been a good movie otherwise.

PS: I however agree with one aspect. We as public have the annoying habit of asking for boycott of movies / giving police complaints and wasting court time whenever we find it offends sensitibilities. I feel once the censor board clears a movie, it onus is entirely on the board, not the movie makers. Courts should not entertain complaints on a movie thereafter. The censor board needs to be made more accountable. (Remember Vishwaroopam - it was unfair, what happened to Kamal). If we feel a movie isn't worth our time, money, sensibilities - hit them where it hurts, their wallet, by flopping the movie. Everything else just fuels publicity.
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