Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 - word montages

Past year:
Without asking for it, my traveling lifestyle got converted into a stationary and sedentary life style. There are good things I enjoy about it, particularly the ambiance. Earlier it used to be like home coming, now home is home! There are side effects - mainly the slight increase in weight. I was always gifted in this aspect, that I never had to worry about what I ate. The weight just maintained itself. This increase is nature's way of reminding... that... mortality!

Biggest karmas - food, sleep and lethargy!

Back on facebook - that is a separate story. So it will be a separate post. 

Shakthi Chalana Kriya and Shoonya have been the biggest blessings and friends for the past decade! No words to express the gratitude! They hold me together.

Music still tugs heart strings. Thank you so much! 

I have suddenly started reading a lot. No complaints!


This year:
I want to pick up one or two core aspects and work on it instead of piling a list.

* I want to weed out lethargy - largely. I hope to include Angamardhana into the regular schedule for this. Daily would be aggressive - I will start with twice a week and see how that goes.
We recently went on a trek inside the forest. Round trip of 4kms or so. It was quite effortless - so body is not in that bad a shape.

* I have been dabbling with programming on and off. I wish to integrate this into one coherent skill set. Not for any purpose - just for myself.

Other wishes - not necessarily goals - will be good if they happen:
* Want to go on a long drive - 1000kms+ one way. Can't do it in one week. Need to plan for two weeks

* A trip to South America - may not happen in 2015...

* Kailash - . Please.....
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