Monday, July 21, 2014

Books I have read recently - #2

Guess what the bolded and underlined headings are? Platform nine and a three quarters!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone:
I took a long time to get here. I've also avoided watching the movies so I could do the book and the movie side by side. This book was written by Rowling when she had her back to the wall - or burned all bridges so to speak. The most impressive aspect of this book is that it conjures up a parallel universe, a universe which wizards inhabit and us commoners are "muggles". It should have taken enormous working out. Even the subtle undercurrents of such a life are brought out to the surface wonderfully. But being the first book, it could have even succeeded by the element of surprise. But to sustain it through a septology is no mean feat. 
I am glad the entire septology of both books and movies are out before I started on these. No frustrating waiting time!
Ok, the movie next before the chamber of secrets!

The Elephant Whisperer: 
I paused for a long time after finishing this book. I didn't want it to end. Almost desperately, I was flipping pages forward (this is Kindle!) and as an appendix I found pictures from the book. To think I almost missed them! You can't read this overnight (well most can't), so you can get a synopsis of the book here. Well its more like a segment of a chapter, but its a good precursor. It also includes color photographs that I found at the end of my book.

Most of us are either prudish or are driven by apathy. It takes a different kind of person, one who has the necessary courage, passion and endurance to walk the distance and take difficult decisions even if they may be heart-wrenching. This is an account by such a man. And the story is nothing short of extraordinary. There are so many "OMG" moments that the review in itself would be very long to highlight these moments. I will save you the ordeal and just say - please read the book!

Its very difficult to articulate the amalgamation of emotions criss-crossing inside once I finished it. I will just say that the desire to visit Thula Thula is very strong now. Hopefully in the near future, when the finances allow (gulp!). Its a very steep ask at this time. Its also inevitable that I am going to pick up "The Last Rhinos" soon. The title of that book sounds ominous - I should keep my heart from sinking.

Post Note:
I was browsing through and there was this reading challenge for 2014. "I will read xx books this year". You can plug in your xx. I punched in 10 and then realized the number was ridiculously small. I might have hit that number this year already. In fact, I don't have the time to do any kind of intense reading. Its just one hour at night before sleep and I see books finishing by themselves. A reminder I can bring to other activities - that small steps go a long way.

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