Sunday, May 11, 2014

The 25 Greatest Film Composers In Cinema History

Since this post is about music - you should read this first.

When you pick the "25 greatest film composers" in cinema history, that is a pretty broad canvas to pick from. That means all movie composers all across the globe and going backwards starting now to the beginning of mainstream movie composing.

Could you possibly do justice to such an undertaking? Probably not 100%. How would you even know?

Without being overtly emphatic, I will just say I was hmmm, "pleasantly surprised" to see Ilaiyaraja in 9th spot. Yes, he is within the top 10 in the "The 25 Greatest Film Composers In Cinema History". And what a photograph they picked!

I am a total suck-up when it comes to Ilaiyaraja. But even with my supreme bias, I know he hasn't received the recognition he so rightly deserves. While this list is not a be-all-end-all - I am more than gratified to see that this list, written by an overseas music aficionado* features him in the top 10.

His capabilities really need a more challenging platform**. The few times he used a symphony orchestra had the virtuoso conductor exclaim about his skill and spontaneity. There is only so much you can do with the same situations - hero stops earth from spinning, hero meets heroine ta ta ta ta. The few times where some yorkers have been bowled at him have been dispatched out of the ground in stunning style. Its time for a few more yorkers.

BTW, what exactly is this 25 composers deal? This is the link. It has a few of my other favorite composers as well. I recognized about 10 in all in the list. So there is so much to unearth in terms of talent and treasures. Which is exactly why this article leaves me so much in surprise. Thanks much!!

* - Not written in context of social-climbing. It is just that Ilaiyaraja's music has been mostly regionally received

** - To be fair, some of his undoings might be himself and his take-it-or-leave-it personality.

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