Sunday, May 04, 2014


I really didn’t think I would get to use this phrase in real life.

Recently, after a long day’s work, I reached home at about 10:30pm. A man shouldn’t have to yearn for a good night’s rest after a good days work right? In the room, there is a provision for installing a split air conditioner. Except in my room, there isn’t one. So what is there is a cylindrical hole leading to the outside world.

You really can’t peep out of the hole. But the hole was large enough for a tarantula to crawl in. I won’t split hairs on whether it really was a tarantula or not - because mine were standing upright. It certainly was a very large spider! Each leg the thickness of a pencil. This one was a real opera star as well, as the body was hidden inside the hole with four legs sticking out into the room. The legs were bright purple in color with white circular stripes. A real scene from a horror movie it was.

For one, all the purported love about being in brotherly love with fellow sentient beings went out of that cylindrical hole. I took a broom stick and I wanted to do a tap on the wall, so he (she?) would withdraw his legs into the duct and get out of the house. Scarier dilemma was, what if he gets into the house? End of story! I anyway could not go to bed imagining his legs sticking out of that duct like that. Anyway, that would also mean the invite for him to come into the house was also open.

So I took the chance and tapped the wall with the broom stick. He ran out!

I spent the next 45 minutes taping the duct so that no creepy crawly ones come inside. Somewhere I gave wings to this tarantula and imagined him flying. I realized that if this line of imagination continued I would need a pill or a doctor visit. But the next day, I saw those same legs, in the same nonchalant fashion, sticking out of the duct, but from the other end - that is from outside. I went in just to make sure that my tape on the inside was strong.

Heebie-Jeebies indeed! It turns out it is much easier to love arachnids on book, photographs and videos!

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