Monday, May 05, 2014

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This is a heavy ping-back post. There were quite a few things I read/watched during this period and I wanted to share the really good one's here. Some are VERY IMPORTANT as well. If you are short of time, just watch the second talk

First of all: Mother Earth. Too often, we forget to keep perspectives of what this planet offers us. The upcoming interactive flash demo was earlier released as well. It has been upgraded now to offer interesting facts as you click on each object. Even if you have played with this flash before - watch it again. It starts with where we are. You can zoom out to infinity. And you can zoom in to infinity again! Watching this will remind you of how miraculous the fact that this planet is sustaining life amid several impossible constraints that need to come together for that to happen.

The scale of the Universe

Earth again: The following is an Imax video that is going to be - or has already been released. This is technology as a portal to the miraculous. This ~7 minute video is a must watch. Someone's comment on the video was "I fucking love this". I second that. That expletive was for emphasis!

Hidden miracles of the natural world

The following two are probably relevant most in the digital age under current context. Snowden and NSA! Perhaps more important was the fact that this is as close as you can have Snowden and NSA talking together. They appeared on TED remotely. Snowden's talk was persuasive. But in all honesty, Richard Ledgett (NSA) handled his talk impressively as well. He spoke a lot without giving anything away! But given he was talking to a hostile audience - not visibly hostile - the experience showed. Only thing is that I have a hard time trusting NSA for anything.


Richard Ledgett (NSA)


This is the first  book I've read digitally (fully) - and its one of the best! It is a short read and is full of common sense. I really wished my erstwhile employers had this book while I was working. We had to endure so many mind-numbing, outdated and plainly annoying practices. No one really was paying a thought to whether these were working or not. The 37signals people did and it reflects in their culture and success (along with this book's success as well).

As a side note - digital reading for me is here to stay. The pleasure and convenience of having a 100 articles and 25 books in a device is unbeatable. Also, being able to tweak the font size to a convenient reading level. Finally, night time in trains! Paper is out of question. E-words to the rescue!

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