Sunday, May 18, 2014

a new chapter?

I am happy to have sat out of the live updates. But surprisingly, the air was full of it even here. The one off sporadic updates still hit me.

My biggest relief out of this election were two things:
  • Freedom from utter-sheer incompetence and dilly-dallying
  • The new govt has gotten the "clear mandate" they requested before. There will be freedom to implement things without the ambivalence the earlier govt(s) were subject to. This also means, all excuses are off the rug from the word go!

Post note: Whats amusing to note - the erstwhile govt campaigned for the new govt as well. I will put the % contribution (in terms of vote) at 30-40!

Post note story:

One of the shocks during Congress' hey day in Tamil Nadu was that Kamaraj (the king maker) lost in his own home town. One of his supporters, shocked at the news, runs to him and tells him:

"There must have been some fraud. We should demand a recount!"

Kamaraj says:

"There will be no talk like that. Would it be democracy if I won all the time? Also, no one should talk about the new Government for the next six months."

We lack leader material like that. At least, we should hold on to the final request - not talk for next six months and then have a review.

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