Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back to the nostalgic world of schoolboyish charm

Grown ups (/s) have a problem. Being one of them I can vouch for it.

We have defences which comprise of silly logic and gooey pseudo-maturishness. If someone needs to penetrate them, they need to feed them with stuff that looks like logic so our intellectual cows can chew on them.

That's exactly what the Avengers and Iron Man 3 movies do. Amazingly, they do all these things - throw a bone for the dog of logic, bring out the charm of adulation for the superhero and depict mind blowing action. Speaking about Avengers - it achieves another impossible milestone - bring the superheroes together, give them their on space for their individual herodom, give them their own egos where they squabble among each other, and in the end bring them all roaring together for a common cause in a magnificent inter-planetary showdown. I am just wondering why Spiderman was left out of the squad, but take nothing away from the execution!

Avengers also depicts the brains of the rulers - a quite not so indirect message to the guys who send a nuke to bomb the city when the super heroes are already at their showdown and say "Good luck guys!". This one is not fiction! But Iron Man is up to the task and gives a feeling of euphoria and adulation when he handles that as well.

This was not a review. Bring on Avengers 2 and Iron Man 4. I am sold baby!
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