Friday, May 10, 2013

Music and my disclaimer...

I used to jot down about what I was listening at any point of time whenever I had the time to do so.
I will continue to do so as well, but it is important to also add a disclaimer.

Why? Music, to me, is very powerful. It moves me more than I can explain - which in itself is why I take time to write about what I listen. In the process of writing, I notice that my posts are more biased and prejudiced that it would otherwise be - viz, when I carefully construct my thoughts to whatever extent possible.

So, here goes:

1) I do not know anything about music - nothing whatsoever.

2) I have zero musical knowledge.

3) I am very arrogant to comment about things I have no knowledge about.

4) Do not read these posts unless you are ok to encounter comments like "IR sucks" or "ARR rocks". They are far more intelligent that I can ever comprehend but I may still make such comments because I cannot help it.

5) Whatever I write may be completely wrong or untrue. (See 1, 2 and 3). They are opinions (which can be disguised as facts as well) frozen at a point-in-time and may change later as well! I may write about ragas, operas, staccatos, librettos, harmonies, counterpoints, Scottish bagpipers even though I have no idea what these are. I may also write about the lack of musical knowledge about a composer who has written ten full fledged symphonies.

6) You agree and acknowledge that by continuing to read, you are treading into the head of a madman and the madness might be temporary or permanent beyond a point of recovery.

7) Seriously, please read point 6.

8) Ok - I hope this construes as fair warning!

9) For indoor or outdoor use only.

10) May contain nuts, milk or eggs.

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Radha said...

Why too many disclaimers? Any review, be it music or movie, only reflects the perception of the reviewer. People read it to know what you think about the music, not exactly to know what the "music" itself is. If I have the same taste as you, then I may try to listen\discard based on your comments, if not, I am going to just leave it as "your opinion". That's all.

BTW, you think we will expect you to say "IR sucks" and "ARR rocks" after reading all your previous reviews? Give some reasonable examples!

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