Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just... Very... Tired...

Writing this isn't going to change anything outside or within me.
But this is a way of giving vent to my frustration and utter disappointment - with myself and all of us as a whole.

The whole week had been beautiful. News is toxic for you - warned this article, and from Guardian News no less. I read and nodded but did not heed the advice. I just got a glimpse of the headline from "The Hindu".

The same notorious Delhi. This time, the ante had been upped. It was a five year old girl. Actually, by and large, the majority feel the fear, the anger and the frustration. But we lack the wherewithal to convert them to meaningful results. It takes enormous energy to just hold the attention of those people who could directly do something about all these things. As an apathetic group of people, if we were stirred into expressing our feelings, it just shows that the string of events have spiraled down to such low levels. Our love for status quo has resulted in anarchy outside of our imaginary shell called democracy. People who can see through this imaginary line called law-and-order and have the courage to act on the loopholes give free reign to their greed, lust and perversions with a free hand.

Somehow, all this attention event after event does not seem to deter any such activity. The brazen audacity with which these activities happen may be suggest we need to be more ruthless about how these are dealt with. Brazen audacity - mind-numbing incompetence and corruption - stone-like apathy; only this time the mark fell too close to home that there is some semblance of us reacting as a group.

But really - that girl was five years old. That is what I keep saying to myself - she was five years old. Someone looked at her and saw just body parts. Right now I just want to resign and be away from all this. I am sorry, I am just very tired - and I lack the necessary words, emotions or actions to express what I should really express about where we stand now. I am not the only one feeling this.

She was five years old... And I find it hard to fathom what it would be like to be her mother or father right now. That article ended with these lines - I want to say the same thing.
"Dear baby girl, we have failed you even in our sorrow."

She was five years old...

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