Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A few random notes...

Suddenly, I look back and see it has been two months before I wrote here. Occasionally, the thought comes that I should put and end to this blog umbrella. Then the answer is always "Naah...". I just love to write and would continue even if this blog weren't there.

"People who you may know..." which G+ so helpfully reminds me makes me realize - so many people I now and have met, but how few I really know! It is surprising and refreshing in a way I can't really explain!

As technology really grows and some of its nuggets come into our access - the initial euphoria is good. As it dies down, it always reminds me that it is not transformational in anyway. It is good to use and enjoy, but that is not the road to take.

They found the giant squid. I don't know why I am so excited. The squid was always there in the depths. We just got to see it. How many more surprises nature has in store for us? Please remember people - we are not masters of this planet. Every species we drive to extinction in pursuit of our greed is a burden on our back which we have to answer one day.

In Vermont recently, a meat plant was closed down for violations. The violation? A video was leaked showing live skinning of veal calves. Goes back to our greed. We need meat for our survival as a species the way we currently exist. Can't we get them in a humane way? Given that we have the necessary technology to do it, there is really no twisted or far fetched excuse that would suffice for not doing it in any way.

Finally, the real solution for everything is a rise in human consciousness. It would really help if organizations that are taking baby steps in that direction, and which are really few and far in between, are not burdened with ridiculous claims and accusations that sap everyone's energy without any real benefit to anyone.

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