Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Aaron Swartz

I will be honest. Until the news broke out, I did not even know who he was. But you do not have to know a person to be touched by that person, directly or indirectly. Life is filled with examples like this. In Aaron’s case:

- I’ve been helped by posts on Reddit
- I use and love RSS
- I use and love the Creative Commons concept

What makes me really sad about Aaron is thinking about those few moments that led to the tipping point from which there is no turning back. It could not have been pleasant and that is putting it mildly. And for someone without any real help and going through depression as well... Sad. Very Sad.

Also, it is true that the judicial system lacks a sense of proportionality. For an alleged crime that in which there are no victims, is a 35 year jail term proportional? As with any other life situation, the right thing to do is to make relevant changes by using this as a lesson.

The role of a law is to reform. Not to bully and punish. Systems across the world seem to have forgotten this. I am sorry Aaron. Whatever your alleged crime is, I am sure you did not deserve this. Thank you for everything you have contributed to making the Internet and the world a better place for us.

Note: I am typing everything in retrospect so there is no right or wrong here. I am just sad. Very sad. All I am wondering in the end is, did he deserve this? I know that the answer to that question is “NO”.

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