Thursday, December 27, 2012

Migrate your Reliance Data card from postpaid to prepaid

I wanted to do this - since usage is erratic. Instead of a constant monthly payment, "use as you need" made more sense.

Converting it is quite simple. I've outlined the steps below.

Day 1: Walk in to your nearest Reliance Mobile store and tell them you want to convert your data card from post paid to prepaid. You might be asked "Why". Then fill out a form with some details of the card along with an address and ID proof. You will get a request number. Note it down. If you have any outstanding amount, you will have to pay it.

Day 3 or 4: Your postpaid will be deactivated. Yahoo! Work is in progress....

Day 7: No prepaid yet? BTW, how do you check if the conversion is done or not? Go to this page and type in your card number. If it shows your balance you are converted. Otherwise it would say "You are not a valid subscriber".

Day 8: No prepaid yet? Call customer care. (1-800-3000-5555 as of this writing). Thank god for toll free. Give your request number and explain the situation. (If it helps record your explanation since you will have to do this multiple times). A lady or gent will very politely explain they cannot do anything and you have to go in person again to the same place where you gave your request. Try asking them why and make sense of their explanations if possible. Or give up and go in person to the store.

Day 10: Go to the store. They will ask for the data card number. They will tell you the request number. You can tell them you already have the request number. They will say status is "in progress". Ask them for a more elaborate status or the reason why the conversion is still pending - in my case, the agent responded "we have the request number".

Day 11, 12, 13, 14: Wait to see if it is done.

Day 15: See Day 10

Day 16, 17, 18, 19: Wait to see if it is done.

Day 20: See Day 10

Day 21: If you feel like, call customer care desk again. I did that and they gave me a request number to track.

Day 22, 23: See if your call to customer care desk was worthwhile.

Day 24: Call customer care desk again. I found my case was closed stating "Conversion to pre-paid is in progress". Uhm, I tried explaining that the case was opened because it is "in progress" for a long time. This time, I am given an "interaction number". At least they answer politely...

Day 25, 26, 27, 28: Wait to see if it is done.

Day 29: See Day 10 if you feel like you are upto it.

Day 31: Check if you are converted. Nope! No luck.

Day 32: By some luck, I stumbled upon this page.  Escalation contacts. So I decided to write to the appellate authority for Chennai ( I could have made my email poignant, but this is what I sent.

From: Deepak
Subject: Urgent resolution requested - postpaid to prepaid conversion

Mr. Mathew,
I am writing to you about the extremely long delay in converting my reliance data card from postpaid to prepaid.
I will keep this short to save you time: I gave my request to convert from postpaid to prepaid on 19th Nov 2012 to the reliance store at Ayanavaram. It's been over a month now. They've suspended my postpaid connection which means I cannot use my data card and the prepaid conversion is still pending. 
I've made many visits to the store personally and have made many calls to the customer care as well, but they're just asking me to wait. No one seems to know the status and they just ask me to wait.
The most frustrating aspect is that no one knows clearly why there delay is and who is responsible for the resolution of this. I would really appreciate this if you can step in and resolve this for me.
Please look at the log below and let me know if such a small task deserves so much effort on my part.

My details:
Data Card Number: xxxxxxxxxx
Original conversion request given to Reliance store at Ayanavaram - 19th Nov 2012 (filled up hard copy form along with passport copy for address proof)
Followed up in person three or four times to the store itself - no resolution - asked me to wait
20th Dec 2012 - called customer care desk. They gave me a request number xxxxxxxxx. It has been closed without the conversion being complete
24th Dec 2012 - called customer care desk again. Spoke to an agent called xxxxxxxx. She said she will escalate, but no action yet. She gave me an interaction number - xxxxxxxxx. 
My contact number is xxxxxxxxxx
Day 32, 33, 34: Wait

Day 35: Voila! Converted to prepaid. I received  no response from the appellate authority so I do not know if the conversion happened  because of that email. May be the person who did the conversion just took a break and did it.
See - that's it!
So simple - good luck!

In case writing to the appellate did not work, there is an email  for the president of customer services. Apparently, they are committed to resolving your issues in the first instance. You can write to that ID with the details requested.

I am so looking forward to the time I will need to work with them again - Woo hoo!!

(Update: I posted a tad too soon. I got an email from the appellate team apologizing and confirming that the migration is done. So it's their doing. Too bad you can't write to them right away! And may be, you might need to go through this ritual yourself. Actually, I noticed a report on the same page with the details on how effective the appellate is. It shows over 10,000 requests have been resolved with zero pending. May be they are effective, but unfortunately, it casts the customer care team in an equally poor light because these are cases where people wrote to them after trying their luck with the customer care team in the first place.)


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vikram said...

good experience, thought of converting post paid to prepaid.
But after reading your experience i will cancel the connection and go for some other network

Deepak said...

given that you have already paid for the data card, it might be better for you to convert to prepaid despite the struggle. that way, even if you switch to another provider, you have a backup connection for which you don't have any ongoing charges.

Sunshine said...

I'm going to undertake the same endeavor soon, keep you posted on how it goes :-)

Manoj said...

moral of the story, do not take postpaid connection because post pay to prepay is very difficult but prepay to post pay is very easy.....

sahil said...

started? still in progress? any updates?

sanjai515 said...

Thanks for sharing information.

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