Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Phoebe Buffay

One of the challenges maintaining a long running show is that you have to maintain all threads of the personality of the characters lest you totally twist them out in the long run in favor of short term requirements. In friends' case its laughter. Phoebe is a good example. See how much her character has been mauled over ten years. Some of these were done just for one moment of laughter. Sorry, I don't have episode references. May be it is inevitable as all characters went through this a little. But she was the dustbin of quirkiness!

a. She was a masseuse. (ok duh!)
b. She was married to a gay ice dancer
c. She underwent torture (when, where, how, why?)
D. She was in jail
E. She was friends with pickpockets and pimps (need confirmation on latter)
F. She was a musician (ok duh again)
G. She carried her brother's triplets
H. She used to mug as a child
I. Had rats as pets
J. Knew the boiling point of brain
K. Remembers her past lives
L. Hears voices in her heads
M. Was possessed by at least one soul
N. Has kissed all three key male leads in the show (ok ditto for Rachel)
O. As dumb as Joey, but thinks she is smart
P. Featured in a music video of "smelly cat"
Q. Was an extra actress
P. Too loose in values but thinks she's strong
Q. Is vegan, but ate meat during pregnancy
R. Was nearly proposed to by two men and would have said yes to both
S. She wrote 14 books (not published)
T. Had an offer from Merryl Lynch (cmon!)

Ok that's all I can think now but I am sure there are more nuggets hidden in the show!


Anupama Srinivasan said...

Anna, if you want to watch another sitcom, I would highly recommend "The Big Bang Theory". As geeks, we would identify with a lot of stuff they say/do and the dialogues are LOL funny. It is wayyy better than Friends, more intelligent I would say. Give it a try, if you have the time...

deepakkt said...

Hmmm. Let me see! I invested a lot of my life to Friends - so rewatching and analysis is easy. I have no easy access to BBT. Where do you get to watch this? --

Ramasamy Pullappan said...

hahahaaa... she had a quirky weirdo twin who wouldn't care a damn about her; a pimp once spit into her mouth...

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