Friday, March 30, 2012

White poisons...

Somebody here was talking about white poisons - six of them disguised as food:
Maida [Parottas, White bread, Pizzas etc]
Forgot the last one Baking soda

I could relate to everything except milk. I grew up with milk and I love curd, ghee, ice creams, milk based sweets. But mainly, if I close my eyes and see a cow and her eyes, the word "white poison" seems very unrelated and infact unfair. What to do ?!?
And no, white rice was not on the list - I specifically asked :)


Anupama Srinivasan said...

White toothpaste?!

Deepak said...

Baking soda! White toothpaste is not ingested so its ok.

Radhakvs said...

Salt is a poison?

Deepak said...

The processed one apparently is - "kal uppu" is not.

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