Friday, February 24, 2012

Tweetposts - 24th Feb 2012, Monday

Walking today at around noon, I spotted a full grown snake. It should have been about three feet long. Naturally it gathered a crowd. Also being 'snake aware' people, they just watched it. Interestingly, a cat nearby, which was a little more than a kitten assumed the role of a predator and was stalking the snake. It is amusing even as I type this. The snake looked at the cat but did not react. It slowly turned around and slithered away. The cat tried to follow the snake but the people shooed it away. The snake must have been non poisonous because:

1) The cat looked at it as food. It would have stayed clear off a three metre radius of the snake otherwise!

2) The snake would have had other ideas to deal with the cat if it assumed threat.

For me, I was just amused at the cat - because even if non poisonous, the snake was too large for it to do anything. More amazing than amusing was the fact that the cat knew it was non-poisonous. In nature, animals 'just know' things! The snake was graceful enough to let the cat be :)

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