Thursday, January 05, 2012

We need to tone down the drama - urgently!

Kill the doc – the most insane form of …(?)grievance !?!? « Meri Bakbak

A lot of crazy things happen daily and if we keep reacting to all there is no end to it. But what happened recently - where a doctor was murdered on the claim of negligence - really pushes it, because it has far reaching implications.

The link above is a level headed post written by a doctor himself. A few important notes of what happened:

  1. There is no proof of negligence. The patient passed away enroute to another hospital. In fact what happened seems to be the opposite of negligence. It is just that the patient's husband couldn't stomach the outcome.
  2. The cruelty of the incident is actually that the doctor got murdered trying to save the patient pretending to have a heart attack. It was a direct breach of trust.

When patients go to doctors, there is implied trust. Doctors should use this trust with utmost responsibility [in scenarios, even a slight lapse of alertness can turn critical and can be called "negligence" depending on the situation]. Patients must understand - especially in serious ailments - that despite the best effort of doctors - what they hear will not be what they expect.

But if we keep resorting to meaningless violence - especially against a fraternity whose job is so fundamental to our existence - they will eventually have to resort to means which ensure they are protected - legally and otherwise - during every step of the treatment process. In other words, it will degenerate from service to strictly transactional.

In those lines, I fully support this one-day strike. With our emotional outbursts, we are pushing things too far. And journalism that is not level headed only amplifies the drama instead of bringing balance to the situation.

Monday, January 02, 2012

2011 - My Retrospective

One pivotal change!

Two mega programs

Successfully stayed clear of "kolaveri di"

Passed the transition from 2011 to 2012 just like another moment

Summary: Life is definitely on fast forward but there is some inner resistance (ok, a lot!)

Pros: Surrounded by loving and caring people* and one humongous support-structure

Cons: No complaints - no misery - no sadness - but a wonderment of why I am not 'just joyful'

My wish list for 2012

Just a general wonderment among masses if 7B is too much

An Indian Government that will just consider the option of "listening"

Make felling of trees illegal

Still do not have a "mass" substitute for gasoline / oil - some breakthrough!

One magnificent planet - a little less abuse if not gratitude

To self: Drop inner resistance

To self: To be able to 'just do it'


* - Who lose it once in a while - self included

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