Friday, October 21, 2011

Tweetposts, 21st Oct 2011, Friday

Mumbai Meri Jaan
Got to visit Mumbai. If I discount an earlier visit of traveling from the domestic to the international airport, this is the first time. There was not much sight seeing and my first experience was that of daze - of suddenly being put into a buzz world of activity where both the terrain and language were new. It's a city of sky scrapers - well, Chennai standards - which for years boasted with LIC, 14 storeys, as being the tallest building. Here, 20 to 25 storeys are very normal, more so - multiple stacks of these towers within a housing unit. Strangely, landmarks in Mumbai are housing colonies - auto drivers are very familiar with these names. Speaking of autos, drivers always use the meter and it is sometimes very difficult to find an empty auto. I guess Chennai, Coimbatore are spoiled cities. No proper enforcement of standard policies.
Mumbai is a vast city - I am guessing 3-4 times that of Chennai. So the 2 million population which earlier sounded like a big deal is not so much now.
So why the loving ode to Mumbai? Its the people I get to meet. A group of people who put themselves as secondary - and a continuous stream of them!
By no way I know what Mumbai is about - but even with what I have seen I can say it is very unique!

Take 3 toasted wheat bread slices. Between B1 and B2, apply peanut butter. Between B2 and B3 apply mixed fruit jam. Club the 3 slices. It is pure evil!

Gadiffi killed, Sachin is scared of Shoaib - so many crazy things are happening in the world. Thankfully insulated from all these to an extent.

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