Friday, June 03, 2011

Tweetposts - 3rd June 2011, Friday

Does it make sense publicly asking someone accused of corruption - "Did you do this corrupt act?". Of course, he is going to deny it. Our judicial setup will ensure status quo for next 10-15 years. But one new method seems to be disruptive pressure being applied on the Government through protests and fasts. There is no point arguing if it will work or not, it is just a way to apply some pressure.
Given the political history of India and the nature of politicians - we can follow one thumb rule explicitly - 'TRUST NO ONE' until proven otherwise, of course.

I am wondering about the following:
- How is it that no cellphone has spam protection for SMS'es? (something like we have in GMail or Yahoo!). Why can't I mark a sender as spam so that I never have to see an SMS from them again?
- How is it that despite both Coke and Pepsi being fierce competitors, they sell for the same price?
Without saying, anywhere - money comes first for businesses.

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