Friday, January 07, 2011

India: Keep your number and switch mobile provider!

Over the past few weeks, I noticed that customer service from Aircel was improving.
I wanted to blog about it, and today I found the reason for it! See title! Additional details!

It kind of leaves a tinge of disappointment as I assumed it was because of leadership direction.

Mostly, necessity drives things in India – and in that context, I am wondering why this TRAI change too so long to implement! This is something that has always been available for western countries.

Some things Aircel did in this period – and I am sure in this context, it would have been the case with other providers:
1) This new year / Christmas, they did not send an SMS stating “All SMSes for 25th Dec / 31st Dec will be charged at 50 paise. FYI in case you’re enjoying some special benefit”
2) They took a survey asking if I was satisfied with their services. I replied with “No”
3) They sent an SMS giving me a one step way to opt for an ebill. Radha was trying to get this done through umpteen calls with customer service!

For corporations, money is king! Customer comes second!

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