Friday, December 10, 2010

The downward spiral...

Another one on a related note I got as a forward. This is a true
incident and is first hand information. The downward spiral
referred to earlier is in more stark display here. I guess I am scared
- not just for being the victim but for being part of the society that
watches all of this happen! I don't want to be the victim or
the mute spectator, but don't know where to start!

Hi Friends,
This is the incident that happened  to me last night(7th Dec 2010)
around 10:30 -11:00 pm.
I left my office at around 10:15 pm and was going alone in my car,
some 2 persons were following me without my knowledge. I reached near
Jain College at Thoraipakam Junction and heading towards toll plaza,
suddenly I heard a big sound like somebody scratched my car or dashed
my car.
I came down from the car to see that there was a big scratch, I was
about to enter into my car suddenly 2 people came and stabbed me on
the back of my head. I didn’t understand what’s going on.
One guy started hitting me badly on my face with his fist. The other
guy took a big professional knife(which I saw only bad guys using in
Movies) and wanted to stab me in my abdomen but I resisted him and
held his hand. I was scared that he might not stab me with that knife.
In this mean time another guy came and snatched my bracelet and my
Bluetooth from my shirt pocket. He was about to take my Mobile phone
from my trousers then I found a wooden stick with which I beat him
very badly that it broke.
In this mean time a person coming in a Santro car knowingly or
unknowingly about to dash the 2 guys with his car then those 3 people
left me and ran off on their bike with no number plate to my surprise.
I lost my Bracelet and Bluetooth, I got several scratches on my face,
hand and abdomen. My shirt was torn.
The one thing that amazed me is there were some 20 people near to me
all watching what’s going on and none of them came to help me or at
least didn’t asked me what happened. None of them were bothered.
My friends let me tell you something to avoid these kind of situations
that happened to me.
1)Don’t work in your office till late night, if it’s inevitable then
better book a cab and go safely.
2)If you are going in your private vehicle and especially car, don’t
stop it and most importantly don’t get down from the car in dark
3)If you find anything happening in front of you just try to help them
in  whatever way possible.
Today it happened to me, tomorrow it may happen to you, so be cautious.

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