Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chak De India

Don't know why I was sitting on this movie for this long.

I loved that they took up hockey as the subject instead of the clichéd cricket subject again. Again, more than the focus of winning, the movie rightly brings about the focus on "passion" and "spirit" of playing for the nation. It is important that we do this for the rest of the languishing sports. Cricket is at its peak in India because of that pivotal moment in 1983. If we did that for the other sports? Also, those pre-match discussions they have in this movie would have been amusing if not for the fact they are utterly real! If we have to pinpoint just one disease that is spread thick over this nation - it is "lethargy"!

And the music - so beautiful. The theme conveys the zest nicely and the other one - "Maula mere" - I didn't understand the words but the pain and the emotion behind it are palpable. Its very hard to put it in words - but pains! 

I also noticed that this movie was the inspiration of another movie I watched thrice and loved. The tamil "vennila kabadi kuzhu". Again, that movie picked "kabaddi" as its subject and intertwined it with the sweat and culture of the tamil soil.

If these movies help revive these sports which have taken a back seat, bring more of them on. We have all the crowd and the money to bring them on their feet and then take wings! We need "passion". Seriously!

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