Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tweetposts - 16th Nov 2010, Tuesday

I find it amusing that there has been no major uproar against the new TSA policy – invasive scanners (which take naked pictures through x-ray) and/or “enhanced pat downs” (euphemism for groping!). Security is a concern alright – but at what cost? Before it gets implemented at rest of the world I hope the public uproar there in US would set a precedent. I am also (selfishly) happy that I am not at the US at this time. In any case, I would have preferred to drive under the circumstances! The larger question is, why is it difficult to come up with a sensible solution to the problem of security? Can we go to any length in the name of security?

Considering deleting my face book account. I don’t like their sense of entitlement towards users’ data. Only thing is FB is really useful in some aspects. I couldn’t have gotten in touch with some of my old friends if not for it. Also looking at some pictures of friends who wouldn’t email them “to you” otherwise! Things just “show up” automatically and its really nice! It’s a question of benefit vs untrustworthiness of the site. Want an example? You have X friends on face book. You know their email addresses – if not you can go to their profile and look that up [your friends are willingly sharing it with you]. But you cannot download their email addresses in bulk. FB’s reason is that you don’t own their data. But Yahoo and Microsoft are allowed access to your friends’ email addresses through your profile (in bulk after you authorize). More than policy, it just appears it is just equivocation for convenience!
Note: Seen "The Social Network"? It adds an interesting perspective to the personality of the owner in light of whats going on now. Other thing is the Google vs FB standoff! Interesting times :)


Anupama said...

You quit FB. Didn't ya?

ME said...

Hey, does that scanner do THAT? Din know!!!

Deepak said...

Just google!
They also have unverified risk of radiation exposure.

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