Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tweetposts - 10th Nov 2010, Wednesday

Trust has become scarce material today. Actually, if we look at all the problems we have today facing us, we can tie this back to the list of "lies" - gross and subtle that are lurking underneath. The reason is that, without these lies, the problems will not be alive for long. The situation is such that, with anyone speaking on anything - instead of trusting them by default, we will need to distrust them by default. Only people who have worked long and hard to establish this trust have any sort of credibility like that. So, on a mass scale, how many people can we actually count on today?

I recently wrote about the difference in perspectives [read:inclusion] of people. Read this for example. I am paraphrasing (I may also be misquoting the numbers, figures etc - but the message is clear). The context is whether ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) should be opened up for oil drilling. Reading this, you can imagine what that would do to the ecosystem. Or will it?

Someone representing US congress: We absolutely should open up ANWR for drilling. Of 20 million acres, we will just be taking up 2000 acres. (Other supporting talk)

A professor (sorry, don't remember name): Opening up ANWR for oil drilling will not be a criminal act. It is the closest thing you can do to come near performing a criminal act.

My take: How can you even begin considering something like this when you have no knowledge (yes, not an iota of it) or care (yes, not an iota of it) of the complexities of disrupting an ecosystem like that? Insensitive people shouldn't be sitting on the Government. But the way democracies are setup [cut throat rise to top!], only that kind comes to power!

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