Monday, November 08, 2010

To Be or Not to Be Intimidated?: That is the Question

It gives mixed feelings after reading - but one thing there is no doubt about; it is utterly fascinating! Mainly because it is the distilled essence of the life experience of a battered, bruised and eventually "very" successful real estate agent.

The book is brutal. There is no violence [in the literal sense], expletives etc, but Robert Ringer describes a world with no morals or compunction and cut throat competition using his own metaphors. Money is the only currency that has any relevance here and any means to that end is acceptable. It outlines the author's story where after getting mauled the initial few years, uses his astute analysis to come out on top.

The area where I have mixed feelings - eventually, you cannot help notice that after his success, he transforms himself from an "intimidatee" to an "intimidator"! All his efforts though seem directed to get only what "he" is due, so I guess it is fine. He also makes it very clear that our "wishes" are starkly different than "reality". Eventually, it strikes clearly that he did not contribute anything to the system as a way of improving the "process". He just uses the system to his advantage. In that sense, he aptly calls himself the "tortoise" that comes out on top all the time using the hare's unawareness. But that additional step would have transformed this book into a great one!

Another thing that amazed me: In America, laws are tight and it is a sue happy country. So when there are written agreements, everything is clear and all law points are covered, how are people still able to cheat out others on what they are due? It boggles my mind!

If this book is rewritten for India it will be a blockbuster hit! The core message of the book is on the title! It is a necessity today as we currently stand, but in a better world this book will become irrelevant.

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