Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A Time to Kill

Whenever a movie attempts to deal with some kind of disharmony or a divide – be it racial tension, violence, internal strife, it is beneficial only if it ends up blurring the disharmony or the divide it attempted to portray in the first place.

In that sense, this movie succeeds very well. All the cards are laid out in the first 30 minutes. So it is only a matter of watching the drama unfold to its conclusion. I agree, skin color is a very strong and instinctive discriminator, mainly because it is literally in-the-face! I think it is time we as a society move forward beyond this. Enough has happened with this aspect!

On a side note [actually not, it ties directly to the movie’s story] – I think child molesters have no place in the society. All nations probably should enact a no trial policy and execute them instantly [provided it is clear they perpetrated the act in the first place]. No, I am not advocating their torture, punishment nor do I want them to go through pain to make them realize what they did was wrong etc etc. We can finish them swiftly and painlessly. It is just a way of sending a message to the rest of us that something at that level has no place in society. I remember how the word “rape” caused me to twitch uncomfortably a decade ago. Now that term has a normal place in news. Child molestation is now starting to become common place [a recent painful incident comes to mind in my city]. In places like India, trials are painfully slow. The person committing the crime sits in jail, even worse buys himself out on bail, for five-ten years till the sentence is pronounced. In countries like India, parents place their children above everything. They put their lives aside for their children’s well being. In addition to watching their child go through that dehumanizing experience, there is this added pain of watching the perpetrator walking scot free. It is a democratic country alright. But draw a line somewhere for humanity’s sake! No excuses, no leniency, no second thoughts [if someone comes and shows the perpetrators aging parents’ photograph, ask them where these parents where in his mind when he was committing the crime] – end their existence swiftly. They can come back another cycle if one exists.

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