Wednesday, November 03, 2010

One line reviews...

Ravanan - I thought character development was lacking! That last scene ends very coldly - the only saving grace being the connection made between Ragini and Veera!

Notebook - Very sweet! May be they shouldn't have targeted this movie for PG-13 audience. They should have gone all the way (into "R") showing the intimacy of the characters more realistically. Just my thought.

Payback - Will they? My money? :). It wasn't THAT bad - just a pointless revenge story.

The Book of Eli - If you conclude this is a Christian propaganda movie, you got the wrong message. If you concluded that faith can create miraculous things, you got it right. If you concluded that Denzel can do nothing incorrectly, you got it right. If you concluded we as a human race are heading towards the direction pointed by this movie, you may be right - and that scares me!

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