Thursday, November 11, 2010

Born Free

Many years ago, I was watching a documentary on Tarantulas. One expert (my term for someone who spent a lot of time with them) mentioned that they knew "familiar" hands. So when then crawled on those hands, they did not bite. A new hand will receive a painful, though non poisonous bite!

I was thinking that this is a rudimentary form of reptiles/insects responding to love [in this case, it is in the gross physical level]. As species evolve, I think they all respond to love. Dogs are a classic example.

Here it is a lion. It is an extraordinary true story! A couple adopt three lion cubs owing to circumstance and nurture them to their adulthood. They see that once their age is such that they cannot be had at home, send two to a zoo while the third one they continue to keep - because the lady is so strongly attached to Elsa. Eventually, how the nurture her and let her into the wild because she was "born free" forms the story. Later, an year later, they come in search of her, only to find Elsa come back in search of them with her three cubs!

This can be a good story - but I like to think that love moves everything on this planet! May be, if we humans responded from that place together, a lot of things happening on this planet will not happen!


Anupama said...

It definitely does!
Every being/life on the planet can just dance with another one with absolute joy - for no reason but love. It is possible with babies and dogs/cats as they don't have resistance/hangups. Doesn't the heart just burst with joy petting a chmall puppy wagging its lithil thail? Those moments we drop this resistance and dance.
Just read this book "The Elephant Whisperer". This love connection can cross borders/physical distances. The elephant herd congregate to welcome him on the exact date he is to land back home. Once his flight gets cancelled and the elephant herd which had gathered to welcome him goes away just minutes after he knows the news. Its amazing!
Have you heard of this person who persuaded the cactus plant in his greenhouse to drop the spikes. He promised to take care of it and no harm would ever come to it.

Deepak said...

Hey, great story that of the elephants! I remember your review of the book!

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