Friday, October 29, 2010

Tweetposts - 29th Oct 2010, Friday

A strange incident at the grocery store yesterday:
In my company, food is free (upto a cap provided I use the food card). During checkout, I learnt that the card machine wasn’t working so I had to pay cash. I had to keep out a big bar of chocolate (reserve judgment please – I am slightly indulgent because of the free factor!). I don’t know if the disappointment in my face showed or whatever, the billing clerk added the chocolate to the grocery bag in the end. I pointed out that it wasn’t billed. He just nodded “it’s ok”.
I am not sure if it was a kind gesture, or if he thought I was upset or if it was because I was dripping wet from the rain!

I just remembered that the recent trek was when I saw a live scorpion! Useless trivia! It was fully grown, about the length of my index finger. I was slightly scared as I was trekking barefoot. Yes – it was to maintain an “elemental connection”. So I had to take out my trekking shoes, tie them together and carried it on my shoulder along with the trekking bag!

Raining here! I hope it continues to rain leading to Oct 31 EOD!


ME said...

recent trek as in 7th hill? bare foot???

Deepak said...

On the advice (or recommendation) of the Swami.

ME said...


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