Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tweetposts - 26th Oct 2010, Tuesday

Was listening to "keeravani" from pAdum paRavaigaL. And I was thinking - "I can do one whole lifetime of Sadhana [which means whatever it takes to develop that kind of skill and creativity] to compose a tune like that and not even come remotely close to it". He really is a mystic in the world of music!

Was listening to Radio City today while driving. The RJ was trying hard to be "cool". Was painfully obvious! Also, their mail address was rc911@gmail.com. They operate out of Chennai, Coimbatore and probably a few other cities. This email address reflects very poorly. Why not procure a domain with @radiocity.com (500 Rs per annum!) and have chennai@radiocity.com etc. Also assign one unique mail id to each RJ on the station?

"Mirchi Suchi" - I find her voice irritating. And it's not the tone. It's the forced accent. I think most RJ's get caught in the sounding cool trap! She is one of the more popular ones, so I shouldn't expect her to change anytime soon!

"My name is Khan" - the review is a mixed bag. Sharukh's performance is awesome! At certain points, the emotion the character is visible - not on the face, but at a subtler level. But the character is unable to express them. Another aspect is the realistic portrayal of situations. The psyche of the American public is demonstrated realistically and sensitive situations are handled as they are without chickening out or diluting the proportions. The only questions are - is the timing of this movie correct? Another is this fetish of Bollywood for drama. It is too much in this movie! But Sharukh takes the cake for his performance!

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