Monday, October 25, 2010

Tweetposts - 25th Oct 2010, Monday

The Bullet Train - a high tension movie made in the times without CGI. Very impressive! Tension drips every moment even after things appear safe! I wish a movie is made like this now - where CGI is not used to kick the villain 30 feet in the air. BTW, at this time (early 80's!), trains in Japan were running at 220 kmph. And we are averaging 60 kmph twenty years later!

In cellular providers' world there is cut through competition now. Even at this time, people are looking for innovative ways to squeeze money out of the customer's pocket (an example is the ridiculous charge of 6 Rs / min for the call you make to change your dialer tune!). Still wondering why no one is making an attempt to innovate to serve! There is still an amazing opportunity to provide a superior web interface for managing customer accounts. Customer service still sucks (can speak only of Aircel here).

Seth Godin wrote a book called "All marketers are liars!". "All" is a hyperbole. But when you see examples like this - where a plan is called "unlimited" and then an asterisk saying "fair use policy: capped at 5000 minutes" you can imagine why he titled it that way. Another example!

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