Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tweetposts - 23rd Oct 2010, Saturday

Was at Kerala the last few days. Again, couldn't help noticing the greenery and clean water as we traveled. But also getting signals that development in Kerala is going the TN way. "God's own country", you can learn some consequences of stupid mistakes from your neighbors without repeating them.

Watched "Up". Beautifully made. I have written and observed - Pixar is outdoing itself every time! Some one said Pixar makes movies for adults that kids can also enjoy. Interesting twist in perspective, but it's true as well! Some deeper elements have also been portrayed - like out growing limiting but comforting beliefs.

Watched a very nice short Tamil movie on YouTube. I wonder how/why they are being made? Hobbyists, projects? Who? But you get a lot of talent / exposure this way. An example of crowd accelerated innovation.

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