Monday, October 18, 2010

Tweetposts - 18th Oct 2010, Monday

Was reviewing which pages were *most* viewed (all time thing). In descending order:
1. IRCTC ticket printing (I have a feeling people did not get what they wanted looking at this. Too technical, but Google drives them to this page anyway)
2. Sadhguru’s talk at TED India (should have left a lot of frustrated readers. The original video was later removed for whatever reasons)
3. Sathuragiri trip (this is like a blast. Ever since I posted this, I remotely expected so many people searching for this content on the internet. In terms of post longevity versus viewer count, this should be on top)
4. Atul Kasbekar (I didn’t expect when posting, but a lot of curious people about him!)
5. Kinseology (I thought it was an esoteric topic, but a lot of people on the internet!)
6. Toggle IE Script (techie post, but people looking for exactly this!)
7. Sivapuranam (people looking for lyrics – so I added that to the footer)
8. Linga Bhairavi (smiley, smiley, smiley)
9. Professional couriers (yeah, again, many people share my unhappiness)
10. Sadhguru Sannidhi

While driving today, was seeing a very old woman in the middle of the road (this was a high way). The van driver in front of me stopped the van, apologized to me and started driving only after he made sure she was safely on the side.

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