Friday, October 15, 2010

Tweetposts - 15th Oct 2010, Friday

Saw a trailer of "Knock Out". It's a rehash of the Hollywood Phone booth. I doubt if it would be credited. But even from the trailer, it is easy to make out - it is Phone Booth taken and a glorious sprinkling of Indian masala added. I love trailers! Five minutes of investment to decide if you get to save three hours or not! Also saw a trailer of "raththa charithiram". Ram Gopal Varmas ultra violent movie. Even from the trailer it is easy to see you can expect a glorious dose of blood splatter and gruesome violence. But it has Surya as well :-(.

Was dusting a white canvas shoe. I saw a white spider - almost invisible backdropped against the shoe. I never see white spiders here. I can only assume that the spider camouflaged itself against the shoe. If that is the case, another spectacular case of the adaptability of life around us. Except one life form of course!

Totally in awe of the "planet earth" crew. I wrote briefly about them earlier - but the series deserves a separate post. Totally in awe of the infinitesimal variety of life in the planet. Did you know life thrives in corners of the planet not powered by the sun? There is a separate food chain going on. Awe - no wow!

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