Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tweetposts - 11th Oct 2010, Monday

I find reading online more difficult. Was reading a lot of stuff on paper recently and couldn't help noticing how easy it was on the eyes. I spend 9-10 hours a day with pixels - may be the contrast is helping. May be, the future of technology will be in making electronic displays imitate the "feel" of paper to the eyes. Amazon's kindle attempts that in B&W. Full color will be awesome!

A part of me wants Endhiran to break-even. Its not much to do with the quality of the movie or the "R" factor. Its more with encouraging risk taking. The scale of the movie is dare-devil - breaking even is like a reward for the risk. On the other extreme, people tend to start fleecing when it comes to cashing in on a high tide. Seriously, one guy mentioned he paid 6K for a black ticket! In the US, they spiked the prices from 10 USD to 28. 180% increase. Fortunately, TN has a cap of 120 INR.

Maam "J" is scheduling an opposition meeting at Madurai. I am guessing with the prep work on, there will be a massive crowd for this (50K?). The agenda is to "condemn" the ruling party. I am wondering, instead of this, if this time and effort is rallied towards some thing the ruling party filed to do it will generate a lot of respect and goodwill among people. 50K people in one place all burned up and fired up because there is an "enemy" is easy. What will they do with all that drama? Nothing! This is exactly why people lose respect with politicians. In case the roles reverse, "K" will do the same thing. There is no official position required to something constructive. Especially when you can generate huge strength of support from people. Inspiring them is the harder part.

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