Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Firm

I saw this movie a few weeks ago. Its a legal thriller and was fascinating! The depth of the plot and the level of detail were amazing. It is based on a John Grisham novel with the same name. This was only John Grisham's second novel (after "A Time to Kill").

For some reason, the movie compelled me to read this book. And so I did. As with any movie made from a book - stick to the thumb rule. If you intend to read the book, watch the movie first. The movie almost always never matches up to the book's narration because of the author's leeway in explaining the detail and presenting subtler cues. The narration is very casual and off beat. It was my first JG novel and at the latter parts of the book, it just rips along!

I then watched the movie again and was able to appreciate the details better. The movie, for the most part, stays faithful to the novel. But the climax has been changed to show the hero in better light (it's Tom Cruise after all!) - but it was quite amazing Sydney Pollack pulled this off. A few other operational details have also been changed - understandably so - because the novel plot is pretty complex with a lot of details.

Legal thrillers have their own charm!

Note: I am interested to know which authors' novels have been made into movies the most. I think the contenders will be Michael Crichton, John Grisham and Stephen King. SK will be the winner I think.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tweetposts - 16th Sep 2010, Thursday

IR gets a national award for his BGM for Pazhassi Raja. It is mildly exciting. But I am amused thinking about the awards ceremony. They would announce his name; he will not be there to collect it. It probably will be his last national award if that’s the case!

I remember one scene in the movie vividly. KVPR visits the British folks for a meeting. Two folks move aside and talk to one another.

“He is here and alone. Why can’t we arrest him?”
“He is not alone!”
“What do you mean?”

The second man then takes him to the top of the tower and shows KVPR’s troops parked there. It’s just a footage that scans the troop, but the BGM would take it to a different plane – in a sense that generates awe and magnificence.

A big bow down to the emperor penguins of Antarctica! Perhaps, they endure the harshest climate any living being can imagine. For two cold winter months, when all other living beings flee from Antarctica, these (male) penguins incubate their eggs. The sun waves good bye completely for this period and the temperature drops down to -70 degrees centigrade. Cold hurricane winds blast them and they join together in a huddle to generate warmth. The outer penguins bear the brunt of this. So penguins take turn moving to the outer ring. A remarkable demonstration of the spirit of endurance and team work! Even within the amazing animal world, I have never seen anything like this! Aptly named – you are truly emperors!

On a related note, saw some heart breaking footage. A polar bear after two months of starvation makes a desperate attempt to attack a group of walruses. Walruses are one ton in weight and have extremely thick skin. They are a formidable adversary though technically, the polar bear is the predator. Eventually the polar bear fails to capture a prey. So it quietly lies down in the snow and resigns to its fate – starvation to death. Without pointing fingers, the documentary adds – “If the globe continues to warm and the snows melt faster, we can expect more of this.” If the polar bear becomes extinct, we should never forgive ourselves as a race.

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