Thursday, August 12, 2010

What I am listening to now...

prejudice/bias warning ahead!

1Athi Muthal...iLaiyarAjAKeralaVarma

I had listened to this song a couple of times when the movie came out. But when I watched IR’s speech on how this song was composed, it gave an additional perspective and depth to the song. iTunes has an interesting statistic – number of times the song has been played. In no time this song became the most listened to song in my music collection because I was listening to this over and over again.

Pain, patriotism and fervor all commingle beautifully in this piece. Also, listening to both the Malayalam and Tamil versions gives some interesting tidbits. In one place, the lyrics go like this:

“யாவரிங்கே கொம்புத்தேன் கூடுகள் செய்தார்” (who made the bee hives on top of the mountains)

The repeat lyrics:

“யாவரிங்கே கொம்புத்தேன் கூடுகள் கொய்தார்” (who destroyed the bee hives on top of the mountains)
Only the last word has been changed, it rhymes and entirely changes the meaning on the sentence.

In Malayalam, the meaning of this phrase comes as “who stirred the hornet’s nest”.

Three interesting perspectives: Awe for the creation, pain for the destruction and call for battle!
1Rhim Jhim...iLaiyarAjAMahaadevHa! My lost treasure found after long long!

My heart balloons with joy on listening to this. Nothing more to say!

Note: Sadly, YSR copied this note to note in the movie Bala! He stripped down the orchestration and just kept the tune as it is. But MJ is looking incredibly pretty in the song!

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