Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tweetposts - 19th Aug 2010, Thursday

When the life path becomes a bedrock of stones and the journey becomes bouncy and tiresome, it is normal (not natural - we can split hairs on the distinction) to lose balance and take shortcuts. I think this test separates the conscious human from the sleepwalking human. With all respect and empathies to the people in duress (everybody goes through these moments), I think these opportunities must be used as an acid test. Actually, this thought keeps ringing after I watched maRupadiyum (Revathi's character).
Sadhguru Spot is beautiful :). It actually feels like an anachronism! He may be the first mystic-blogger in planet history! :)
The life story of Shri Raghavendra is so beautiful. He was an exalted Human being. Unfortunately, the movie was only made so-so! It details the life events but the contexts are not clarified properly. Also, the depth of understanding of the life-situations by the screen-team are also questionable. For example, there is a sea change in His abilities (Siddhis) after his initiation into Sannyas but it doesn't say how. Needless to say, it must be His Guru's work. But the Guru Himself isn't shown in such stature. Rajnikanth just keeps coming with folded hands in every screen and emotes without emotion (oxymoron ting!). But it's nice his 100th movie was this and that this movie flopped reflects on the audience taste and level. Despite the screenplay shortcomings, I am grateful for having known more about this soul. Also makes me want to visit Mantralayam.

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