Monday, July 26, 2010

Tweetposts - 26th July 2010, Monday

After Iraq, we now have new news about what is going on in Afghanistan. It is becoming more disillusioning because all that we seem to get is sensationalism. There is apparently no change in the actions. May be it is wiser to let this all go – cat closing its eyes. My first impression after the Iraq news was that it would cause a thunderbolt across the operations in US. I apparently need a lesson on world politics.

My car is the best place to be now – the music and the drive – two perfectly matched elements! Was listening to a song sung by Hariharan and my first thought was how it would have been rendered by iLaiyarAja. There are actually a few songs where we have both versions – most notable being the classic one from kAdhalukku mariyAthai. I always felt that IR’s rendition have a power packed emotional depth to them – but my bias towards him is very strong, so I like to view it as personal preference. There are also some songs where I have felt it would have been better if IR had sung them (ex, “adhikalai nilave” from uRuthimozhi). Over the last two weeks, my emotional affinity towards his compositions and him has been very strong. Becoming very mellow when I think about it!

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