Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tweetposts - 24th July 2010

I remember the story of a man who goes to a sage. He tells the sage that his home is too small for his family of three. The sage asks him if he had cows. The man says he does, and so the sage asks him to move the cows into his home. He man is exasperated but does it. A week later he is more miserable and goes back to the sage. The sage repeats the instructions, this time for the pigs he has. Another week later for the hens he has. Eventually, the man goes back to the sage and tells him he can no longer live in his house because it is hell! The sage asks him to move out all the animals and birds out. A week later the man joyously comes back and tells the sage he has so much space to live!
I remembered this story at the railway station yesterday - if India is that home, where do we move the excess people? We can do so much if we were one third our size in population. Any thing we do gets dissipated so rapidly because of this. I don't think it is still too late to start. If we start now, we can get there in 30 or 40 years. Just two parameters - birth and death rate. We should bring the birth rate below the death rate. The hurdle is in getting a billion sized nation on board willingly. And no one who can make a difference (big G) seems to be interested.

Also made me realize, the heart of the nation ticks because of railways! Roadways and airways simply don't scale for the population. Watching a train scream through a railway station or a signal crossing makes me realize how much our lives here are twined with the presence of the railway system!

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