Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tweetposts - 10th July 2010

Was watching "Lion of the Desert" today. The movie broke my heart!

When reading about Calvin scolding his parent generation for handing over a broken earth to him and whether it was possible to disinherit (as in refuse to accept) it - this movie caused the same kind of emotion. Not in terms of the environment, but in terms of utter disrespect to a nation of people. Libyan's were massacred - don't have numbers - by Mussolini's fascist government in that period and it recounts Omar Mukthar's struggle against them. A man of such high dignity - we don't see them very often. When he was captured, as a final stroke of indignity, he was hung in public in front of his own people.

I am going to be on the receiving end when the next generation looks up and asks "what the hell"! Both in terms of environment and in terms of the general consciousness of the planet. Actually, the former is a offshoot of the latter!

I have always been wondering about the general helplessness of the world when it came to international issues (country A harassing B - we have China and Taiwan for example), and also issues within a country (what is going on in Sri Lanka or Africa). Would it help if an International Government was setup? Not UN, it is more a puppet for the top nations. IG in the sense - Government's of all world countries would report into it and its say would be final - it would use armed might if necessary. Of course, some prerequisites are vital as in

1) It must be trustworthy
2) It must not serve vested interests
3) It must only look at overall global well being
4) Must make short term difficult decisions for long term welfare
5) Must have sufficient power (monetary and military) to execute its decisions

Lot of logistical issues and a far cry - I know. But we have a lot of global problems to grapple with, and unless something of this kind happens, we will only be creating patchy solutions - or worse, let it resolve into anarchy.

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