Friday, July 16, 2010

Making a difference!

I think talking about world situation without doing anything about it - in part or in whole is akin to "feel goodness". The talk in itself might look like a nice substitute!

I had mixed feelings about online petitions. I admired the gesture and making a statement, but in terms of making a difference, I didn't know what reach they could have had. Two incidents, both from made me realize that a group of people, who do not know each other, all over the globe can collectively voice and make a difference.

The first one is the petition to continue the suspension of international whaling. Ridiculously, I cannot imagine that nations continue to whale and want to continue to whale pushing the species close to extinction. Why can't we collectively agree on something that is good for the planet?

The other one is a reprieve for Sakineh, who is charged of adultery in Iran, and was supposed to be stoned to death. I personally think Governments should leave the personal lives of adults to themselves as long as they are not a threat to others in the society. In any case, the charge here on Sakineh appears to be dubious - especially given the fact she doesn't speak the language and has hence retracted her confession. Other - stoning by death is the crudest (cruelest) form of punishments. Again, the petition has worked and bowing to international pressure, she will not be stoned. She might still be hanged. 

There are multiple petitioning agencies, Greenpeace and avaaz for example. If we can create one unified international voice for common causes, it will be great!

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