Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tweetposts - 16th June 2010

This week has been of considerable heartburn for multiple things. Two involving the Governments (state and center):
- The Bhopal verdict. Add to it, hearing about the fact that many victims have *still* not received their compensation. Adding more fuel is the fact that the center had assisted Anderson leaving the country (royally).
- The World Tamil Conference. Nothing against the WTC itself, but Coimbatore is getting a makeover. New bus terminuses, new bus stops, overhauls of drainage systems, new roads in areas and so on. What's wrong you ask? I can't help but thinking that this must be the routine situation. Not exception for an event. Additionally, I heard they have instructed hostels to be vacated so military folks can stay. Where will the hostelers go for the week?
Actually, I feel caustic inside. Can't word the feeling properly. I was telling Radha that if given a chance, both Governments would cut the people to pieces if it served their ends.

The other event is the BP oil spill. I knew what this news would do to me and wasn't looking this up. But it sneaked through yesterday. I do not know if we're going to hell for all this, but as an insurance in case there isn't one in the firmament, we're creating it on earth.

Reading Autobiography of a Yogi again. This has been my haven in the midst of turmoil.

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