Thursday, June 24, 2010

To be eligible to praise

A long time back, on one of the web forums, an interesting discussion was going on. Unfortunately, with the anonymity the web provides, people say the meanest things which they would not in-person or via telephone. To one person’s remark, another person passed a nasty remark targeted at a celebrity. A third person responded thus:

“Dear X, first please see what credentials you have to praise Y. Then we can talk about your credentials to criticize Y, let alone in the nasty way you just did.” (paraphrased)

The first part of the statement seemed very profound. Ordinarily, we think praising another is ok. But many times, there are some people who tread spaces so high that even to praise them is utterly worthless because it lacks the level of appreciation or understanding required to praise them. The spaces they tread may be in the sphere of talent, compassion or consciousness.

To make any great person proud, I think the only legitimate step will be to follow his or her footsteps. Even praising them can be an exercise of avoiding action. Criticizing – forget about it!

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As I Like it said...

A very different perspective! Thanks for sharing & the clarity.

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